Next Level

As an assignment we were asked to create a piece which used 5 images and was constructed using a Wacom tablet to then enter the final piece into Wacom’s Next Level competition to win a Wacom tablet valued at $3000. Here is my entry piece.




A series of Architecture

A Series of Architecture is a group of photographs in which I took of architecture around Canberra, this for an digital imaging assignment. These images will be used later in a advertising assignment. Lightroom was used as my main editing tool of these images.

Water’s Edge

As an in class activity we were asked to create a new logo for Canberra’s top restaurant waters edge, who are in desperate need of a logo revamp. We needed to be able to convey through the logo what the restaurant’s atmospherewas and who they are. I interpreted Water’s Edge to be a fine dining restaurant this meaning classy, modernistic, simple and elegant. This is what I came up with.


Gorman House

For this assignment I was asked to create a newspaper advertisement for Canberra’s Gorman House Arts Centre. We had a few requirements which were needed to be included on the ad, we also had the challenge of making the ad stand out in a newspaper.

Gorman house


As part of my web technology class I was asked to create four different interfaces, these for a qantas screen, a children’s app, a running app and a festival finder website face.



For this, I was asked to create a website design and poster for any type of festival of my choice. I ended up choosing the world renowned music festival LOLLAPALOOZA. As part of the brief, this was the first time I ever designed for a responsive web system, this meaning I was needed to create an interface for not only desktop screens but tablets and smart phones as well using the bootstrap method. Here is the logo I created for Lollapalooza (this as an assignment). This piece was entirely hand drawn, from the bananas to the letters, the piece inspired by monkeys! See my portfolio for the rest of the works!



In this brief I was needed to create a name for a world tour of a band who had released their newest album. So for this I chose the Australian duo Peking Duk as my band and came up with a fictional name for a album  – this called Hungry. With this brief  I was asked to develop a world tour poster, an album cover and album pamphlet (in the olden days CD’s came with a folded piece of paper usually containing lyrics and/or information about the content on the CD). This was a really challenging piece but gave me a lot of insight into the technicalities behind these sorts of mediums. See portfolio for more!


Banana Monkey

Banana monkey was a character I created just for fun, this to experiment with illustrator and its drawing capabilities. Also to experiment with variations of colour and what things work best with others. See my portfolio to have a look at more banana monkey variations.

Artboard 11-100


The Edge

The Edge was a business in which I created to experiment with branding. The Edge was a interior decor shop, which provided interior designers and a multitude of furniture and decorations to its clients. The brand was aimed to be fun, modern but sleek. In the brief, a logo, colour palette, style guide, website banner, business cards, swing tag, notepad were all requirements (shown below).

identity system MH

Caught off Guard

Caught off guard is a series of photographs I took in the streets of Sydney, Australia. This series has a big place in my heart as each of these photos has their own story. It also really opened my eyes, in that there is much more to the world than the eye can see. Day to day we don’t see any of these people, we don’t care about them, we don’t know them, they are non existent. But when you are able to stop for a moment and realise that there are millions of people in this world who have their own stories it really feels good to be able to be a witness to this, even just for a moment. Every single person in each of these photos is a complete stranger, some didn’t even know they were having their photo taken, for others permission was asked and one special man in particular asked for his photo to be taken. For any photographers out there, I urge you to take the challenge and take photos of complete strangers as it will be one of the most uplifting things you’ll ever do.